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Sara Pickett, also known as “PIK”,  is a PROPTA Certified Personal Trainer, and a Kickboxing instructor. Sara has 7 years of experience as a Certified Tae Bo Instructor, and over 12 years of experience teaching in the fitness industry. She specializes in kickboxing, martial arts, circuit plyometrics, weight training , and lifelong maintenance. Sara understands the unique challenges of working, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

After working as a SAG-AFTRA member in the entertainment world for years, and becoming a mother, she realized that her true passion was to help woman build their confidence, and stay fit while raising families. She understands the unique challenges of working mothers, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To empower people to be the best version of themselves possible, and believe that there are no limits to what someone can achieve once they’ve  set their minds to it, is what she’s all about. Sara has a real practical , yet fun approach to diet and exercise which has made her a leader in the industry , and helped real  people achieve their fitness goals. 




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